September conferences

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As part of Comtrade Gaming’s continuous investment in employee development we organize and encourage attendance of different trainings, workshops, and conferences. The month of September has been a busy schedule on the educational front for quite a few of our colleagues, who attended NT conference, OTS conference, Balkan Business Analysis Conference and PGDAY Austria. This is what three of them had to say about their experience.
Tjaša (Junior Developer): "OTS conference was a real eye opener and presented me with new technologies that can improve workplace performance. Also, it gave me some fresh perspectives on issues. It was a great experience, so I look forward to attending the OTS conference once again in the future."
Marijan (Business analyst): "BBA2022 was a very interesting and special conference for me, as it was held in my home city of Nova Gorica and in Hotel Perla, which is owned by Hit Casinos. This is also where I recently worked as a data analyst. With my move to join Comtrade Gaming, I switched to business analytics and the main agenda of BBA2022 was the connection between the two mentioned types of analytics. I was most impressed by Fabrício Laguna with his conceptual modeling workshop and Filip Hendrickx with his presentation of MVPs for data-driven decisions.”
Aleš (Business analyst): “It was quite a refreshing experience attending this year’s BBA conference in Nova Gorica especially after so much time working from the home office. Listening to an international team of very well-known business analysts giving us real life examples was really inspiring. What attracted me the most were two hands-on workshops tackling Change Management using gamification approach (yes we were playing “games” with our computers) and use of MVP approach when designing new solutions.”
But we don't stop here! Next our colleagues will attend the Agile Slovenia conference in October 💡