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Gaming machines come from various providers and talk different languages. As a result, connecting them to host systems can be a real challenge.

S2S Protocol Stacks

G2S and S2S Tools

G2S Protocol Stacks

Protocol stacks supporting Gaming Standards Association’s G2S and S2S protocols can significantly enhance system integration and interoperability of gaming environments.

They unlock the power of networked gaming and simplify the way information is transferred. This is crucial to responsive gaming operations using features such as game play control, game download, and remote configuration.

Comtrade Gaming G2S and S2S offering

Central control system.

Central Control System

Server based gaming.

Server Based Gaming

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G2S And S2S Solutions

Protocol engine.

Protocol Engine

Central control system.

Responsible Gaming Solution

To support the G2S and S2S offering, Comtrade Gaming also offers consulting and engineering services. All the implementations are done using a multi-phase approach, offering a seamless initial phase and low costs for the customer, whilst eliminating the majority of risks.

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Chief Commercial Officer

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