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Welcome to Comtrade Gaming web site. Our web site uses cookies and similar technologies. You can read more about cookies on We use three categories of cookies, as described below. Where applicable, you have the option to enable or disable each category according to your preference. Your preferences are stored in essential cookie on your device (and your user profile on the device, for multi-user devices). If you are using another device, you will need to set your preferences again on new device. If you delete cookies, using the option that your device (or software program on it) provides you to delete cookies, you will need to set your preferences again. If you change the browser brand you use on your device (e.g. quit using Microsoft Internet Explorer and start using Mozilla Firefox), you will need to set your preferences again in the new browser.

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Essential Cookies

Essential cookies are needed for correct operation of the webpage. We do not provide any way to refuse them.

We show you the Cookie Info Bar at bottomĀ of each page on the website until you chose to hide it. The purpose of Cookie Info Bar is to inform you about Coookies and their usage on this web site, and to provide you options to accept cookies or not. After you chose to hide Cookie Info Bar, it may re-appear after significant changes to our Cookie Policy (e.g. if new categories of cookies are introduced). However, you can always change your preferences here in Comtrade Gaming Web Site Cookie Policy page. Link to this page is available on the bottom of all pages on this website.

3rd Party Cookies

3rd Party Cookies are set by 3rd parties, whose plug-ins we include in our web page, e.g. YouTube. We do not have control over the cookies that 3rd parties set. You can choose to permit the inclusion of 3rd party plugins and cookies or refuse it. If you refuse them, you will be not be shown 3rd party content e.g. YouTube videos. We make our best effort to keep the links to 3rd Party Cookie Policies up to date. However their address may change without our knowledge.