sCore – Connect

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Comtrade Gaming’s sCore Connect solution uses the Game to System (G2S) protocol to enable direct communication between Casino Management Systems and slot machines, positioned either on the casino floors or in distributed venues.

What is the G2S protocol?

  • The protocol engine facilitates the integration of gaming machines to enable operators and vendors to focus more on delivering an exceptional player experience than running the technology.
  • Developed by the Gaming Standards Association G2S is a protocol that connects slot machines to the host system(s). It enables direct connections as well as support for a wide palette of functionalities from the gaming machine itself without the need for any additional hardware (e.g. SMIB).

When your CMS is integrated with sCore Connect, your casino floor benefits from:

  • retaining the existing casino management system;
  • having access to modern G2S electronic gaming machines;
  • eliminating extra hardware costs (for example, SMIBs are no longer needed);
  • utilizing new functionalities (marketing and hospitality oriented advertising, remote management of gaming machines, etc.)

For more technical details about our product, see the sCore Connect data sheet.

The image below shows one of the currently most common solutions and the possible future solution using sCore Connect.

Connect diagram.

sCore Connect is used as a communication engine within our Server Based Gaming and Central Control System solution.Read our case study to learn how we helped The Federal Computing Centre of Austria to build a system which enables them to monitor all gaming machines within their country.