Gaming Machine Monitoring – sCore: Central Control System

The aim of Comtrade Gaming’s gaming machine monitoring product (sCore, Central Control System) is to ensure that gaming is conducted honestly, competitively and free from criminal and corruptive elements.

Main gaming regulator’s goals are:

  • Ensuring that gaming is legal and is conducted in accordance with regulations
  • Protection of minor and vulnerable groups of people from being harmed or exploited
  • Efficient collection of taxes and dues

The Challenge

BRZ faced a challenge of how to build a gaming machine monitoring system which would be able to communicate with and control Austria’s EGMs through the G2S protocol. They were able to develop the management application themselves, but the issue of a protocol that would enable the connection to diverse gaming machines was a task they could not master alone. A tender was published and Comtrade Gaming was chosen to complete the task with less than 12 months to put the gaming machine monitoring system into production.


  • Central control of gaming machines
  • Communication via G2S protocol
  • Remote software verification
  • Collection of gaming machine data

Client Benefits:

By means of a central control system the operation of electronic gaming machines can be monitored to operate within the scope of legal requirements. The regulator now has direct insight into the functioning of all connected machines. They are able to continuously monitor everything that is happening on the electronic gaming machines and video lottery terminals, including money transactions, gameplay, winnings and payouts, cabinet door opening, etc. By analyzing collected meters, they can verify if gaming operators are properly fulfilling their tax obligations

By use of Comtrade Gaming technology and processes these goals are well backed up. Term “Central Control” stands for technological, procedural and operational measures taken in order to follow above listed goals.