Server Based Gaming Casino System – Comtrade Gaming

One of the most prominent characteristics of the modern casino are simplified processes for operators and gaming experiences that immerse players in gameplay. The Server Based Gaming casino system is a single technology is used to the advantage of both players and casino management and utilises advanced features to drive retail businesses forward.

SCore server based gaming 1 660x669 diagram.

Our sCore, Server Based Gaming system connects all terminals in a gaming operation to one central server, enabling gaming operators to reduce the costs and deliver a better player experience through the central management and control of terminals.

The Server Based Gaming casino system more specifically supports remote configuration and game downloads and centralises game logic for increased security. With the management system, operators can modify gaming content, monitor financial operations and configure reports to optimise internal processes, creating a highly-targeted gaming ecosystem. Different games can also be downloaded into game cabinets, whilst the SBG manager has complete control of the environment by changing a machine’s games, denominations, bonus payouts and promotions from the central computer server.

The following system objectives optimise land-based processes through the following key business benefits

Venue Benefits

  • Compatible with any game terminal or server location to enable download and configuration across single or multiple venues
  • Offers unique game combinations to match venue-specific player demographics
  • Improves system performance with venue, terminal, and game performance reports and remote optimization possibilities

Business Advantages

  • Central system reporting (CRM and business intelligence) with real-time data collection for venue insight and system performance.
  • Internal control system and accounting module to manage cashless operations, jackpot system, bonus payout and promotions
  • Reporting utility with pre-defined tax authority, financial, and operator reports

System Features

  • Open integration with independent software providers or built along system specifications and requirements
  • Central monitoring and remote download functionality to adjust game development cycles, product upgrades and new content
  • System integration based on GSA standard protocols such as G2S and S2S to connect the gaming system
  • Engaging playerswith membership and loyalty programs combined with personalized content offerings (favorite games, targeted campaigns, etc.).
  • Centralized CRM, Loyalty and Player Protection functionality
  • RNG, Jackpot, Cashless/TITO modules
  • CMS system with inventory management