Responsible Gaming Software Solution – Comtrade Gaming

With today’s rapidly developing technology and proliferation of mobile gaming, we are witnessing a rise in access to unregulated gambling. Now it is more important than ever for operators, regulators, policymakers and also software providers to place a high priority on player protection. It is essential to implement a responsible gaming software solution across all facets of the gaming industry.

The Main Objectives Of Responsible Gaming Are:

  • Better customer protection
  • Prevention of player addiction
  • Privacy protection
  • Prevention of minors & vulnerable groups from being exploited
  • Protection of player’s funds
  • Exclusion of unlicensed and illegal operators from the market

What Is Needed To Achieve Responsible Gaming Software Solution Objectives?

  • A central collection of all player activity
  • Age and identity verification
  • Adequate real-time monitoring of player’s behavior
  • Efficient measures/analytics
  • Player accounts with all wagering history
  • A central self-exclusion database
  • Configurable limits (deposit, loss, wager, session time)

Our responsible gaming and compliance modules provide complete visibility of all player activity in a market in real-time, providing operators and regulators with the tools necessary to ensure that robust player protection

Responsible gaming diagram.

Responsible gaming is a crucial aspect of all gaming operations.

Efficient Measures & Analytics

The Comtrade Gaming Business Intelligence module offers a wide array of reporting and analytics capabilities to the controlling authority. Player deposits and wagers are collected centrally both from gaming machines and online/mobile portals. Various services then run on top of this data to monitor player behaviour and to enforce player or regulator defined limits and exclusions.

Self-Exclusion And Configurable Limits

A self-exclusion functionality enables players to block themselves from gaming activities temporarily or permanently, if they feel the need to do so. This information is stored centrally and shared across all land-based and online operators within a certain market. Limits can be configured either by the regulators, operators or players to limit player activity within a certain time period – day, week, month. The following activities can be limited: ?

  • Deposits – limits the amount of funds that player can deposit within a single transaction or within a certain period of time ?

  • Wagers – limits the amount of funds that player can wager within a given time frame ?

  • Loss – limits the amount of funds that player can lose within a given time frame ?

  • Session duration – limits the duration of single sessions or total amount of gaming activity within a certain period of time