Multi-Channel Roulette – gCore, Live Platinum Roulette


Classic design with modern features, multi-channel roulette offers players a user-friendly interface that is optimized for all phones and tablets.

Live platinum roulette is a classic, single-zero roulette game. It offers an excellent payback to players and bets can easily be placed on the numbers and popular Neighbours bets. Advanced bets like Red Splits, Black Splits, Voisins Du Zero, Tiers Du Cylindre, Les Orphelins, Orphelin Plein, Zero Game, 007, Snake, Random 7, Finales en Plein, Number Combo, Chip Bomb, and Finales A Cheval are all supported.


Many roulette players appreciate the ability to view the results of previous rounds in an effort to make a more substantial bet. So, this fantastic game also includes game history, hot/cold numbers, and other detailed statistics.


Comtrade Games can be easily re-skinned to customer color schemes. Customized graphical elements like company logos or specific brand names can be added on demand.


Comtrade Gaming has developed a system that provides the casino operator with numerous configuration possibilities for chips and bet limits. Casino operators can tailor mobile blackjack according to the customer’s policies and jurisdictional demands.

gCore Datasheet: Live Platinum Roulette