gCore: Live Roulette Software, Online Casino Technology


Comtrade Gaming’s Live Roulette Software enables operators to offer the most popular table games to online casino players, round-the-clock without a croupier. Roulette has been designed to use a fully-automatic, air-powered roulette wheel. This brings many advantages for the operator, such as: 24/7 usability, low maintenance, and almost 100% reduction in operating errors and player disputes.

Live roulette software also brings players together from land-based and online casino environments to the same automatic roulette table. No detail has been overlooked. The online player simply clicks on a chip of the desired denomination, and then on the specific area of the roulette table to place a bet.

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The Roulette Player console can display news, maintenance, and marketing announcements in a scroll or pop-up window.

Comtrade Gaming’s live gaming system provides the live casino operator numerous configuration possibilities for chips and bet limits. The live casino operator can tailor live roulette tables according to policies and jurisdictional demands. For example, the live casino operator can enable or disable the halving even chances bet functionality or define the automatic disconnection of viewing players. There are also numerous other configuration possibilities built in to the Live Gaming system to configure the Live Automated Roulette.


  • Online players see a live stream from a trusted, land-based casino through two streaming cameras ?
  • A croupier isn’t required to run the table for land-based and online play ?
  • Players can send chat messages to each other through the chat box ?
  • Player can choose between two graphical views ?
  • Convenient buttons like “Re-bet,” “Clear last” and “Clear All” make bet placement easy ?
  • The player can control the video quality and live sounds ?
  • Self-exclusion option for players ?
  • Latest news and marketing announcements can be displayed in a scroll window or pop-up window ?
  • Numerous configuration possibilities ?
  • Based on the Comtrade Gaming Remote Gaming Server

gCore Data Sheet: Live Automated Roulette