G2S Slot Machine Communication – Comtrade Gaming

G2S slot machine communication is the protocol developed by the Gaming Standards Association that connects the slot machine to the host systems. It implements functionalities that are covered by existing protocols and enables new features like software download, remote configuration, and remote software verification. Many gaming machines already come with G2S support and therefore enable casinos to modernize their floor operations with new features like engaging players via new media displays that were not available in legacy protocols.

G2S slot machine communication is an Ethernet based protocol that doesn’t require any additional hardware to be installed on a gaming machine. Such hardware, usually referenced as Slot Machine Interface Boards (SMIB), often include displays and card readers that increase its cost. G2S based casino floor operations are therefore more cost efficient since game machine is implemented with all necessary functionalities.

NEW FUNCTIONALITIES ENABLED BY G2S With sCore Connect host systems can also be extended with new functionalities. Among several possible applications, we would like to introduce the two of them: ?

  • Efficient remote management of gaming machines with software download, remote configuration, and remote software verification. Examples include deployment of new games, distribution, installation and verification of game machine software packages and new versions of peripheral device firmware.

  • Media display technology offers a channel to implement services ranging from marketing oriented advertising, hospitality oriented service like purchasing of tickets or rooms, to more basic functions like player tracking, player protection and cashless Player User Interfaces (PUI). All these give operators a personalized and unified look and feel over several machine vendors.

Connect diagram.

Comtrade Gaming’s sCore Connect solution uses the Game to System (G2S) protocol to enable direct communication between Casino Management Systems and slot machines, positioned either on the casino floors or in distributed venues. It facilitates the integration of gaming machines to enable operators and vendors to focus more on delivering an exceptional player experience than running the technology.