G2S Communication Protocol – Comtrade Gaming

Comtrade Gaming’s G2S Communication Protocol building blocks offer Electronic Game Machine (EGM) and EGM platform manufacturers an optimal way to add support for GSA’s G2S protocol. Engaging software engineering services on top of G2S technology and having a complete G2S software solution is just one step away.

G2S Protocol Stacks diagram.

The G2S Communication Protocol is an integrated system addition created along GSA Standards to provide a casino management network capable of managing and monitoring business and player interaction parameters related to standard casino operations.

As a part of the sCore G2S Solution, G2S protocol stacks enable the connection of any EGM platform to a back-end host system. It’s multi-platform compatibility and flexible customisation model fluently communicate between slot machine platforms and G2S host systems regardless of venue structures.

Necessary for it’s implementation are both the G2S EGM and Host Side Protocol Stacks.

G2S Communication Protocol Stack Features

  • Central configuration of all EGM’s with software upgrades and remote configuration
  • Live financial and security monitoring with progressive jackpots
  • Game combinations and loyalty programs to match venue-specific player demographics
  • Designed and implemented with any EGM and backend system with GSA standards

Firmware And Game Content Download

The transition to the new G2S-based communication technologies will open some previously unavailable avenues to the operators. For example, support for downloadable games and firmware, remote EGM management and easier linking to progressives will allow operators to offer more to their customers.

G2S is one answer to the firmware updates of note acceptor and other peripherals. Through its download capabilities, the new version of peripheral firmware could potentially be deployed effectively with very little effort. For those jurisdictions that require a more demanding verification process, we would suggest using G2S GAT class to verify versions of installed peripheral firmware.

G2S download support also allows for new games to be deployed to the EGM remotely or existing games to be updated if needed.