Casino Bonusing Software – Online Gaming Platform Extension

iCore Engage, a player bonusing software, empowers online gaming operators to meet and exceed player’s expectations with rich personalization and unified bonus, and loyalty awards that are channel and gaming platform independent. iCore Engage ensures this in real time for best retention and engagement effect while increasing the attractiveness of the operator’s offering. It is primarily designed for gaming operators with an online gaming platform already in place, and protects investments into existing eWallet solutions by non-intrusively integrating with existing systems, application infrastructure and player data.

iCore Engage Modules

iCore Engage bonusing software extends the capabilities of operator’s existing platforms with: centralized bonus management, loyalty management, promotions management, and centralized game and content management. A business intelligence and analytics module provides overall insight into the business performance and enables on-time, informed business decisions.

ICore Engage diagram.

Attract And Engage Players In Real Time

Managing tailor-made player acquisition and retention campaigns is easy with iCore Engage Bonusing and Loyalty. Bonusing includes a rule engine that automates bonus eligibility, awarding, expiry, and liability control. The awarding engine evaluates eligibility in real time, providing operators the means to engage players immediately and offer a wide range of bonus types. Loyalty Programs and incentives can be easily defined through tier management, point awarding rules, and redemption configuration. Cross-channel and cross-product awarding allows for effective steering of a player’s lifecycle and cross-selling between products and channels. Promotions management unifies many individual related bonus and loyalty promotions into a cohesive whole, allowing for consolidated management and monitoring


  • Unified player experience across many content suppliers, allowing for a tailored and personalized portfolio of the best of breed content ?
  • Award players in real time, while they are engaged in gameplay ?
  • Enables cross-selling between online, mobile, and land-based players, and different gaming platforms ?
  • Centralized business rules-driven bonusing and loyalty ?