Let’s Stick Together

Ales Gornjec, General Manager at Comtrade Gaming argues that operators and vendors need to meet increasing customer demands by supplying a mobile channel with the right offer for each player.

Read about it in iGaming Business magazine, issue 112, September/October 2019.

Mobile gaming has been increasing in popularity over the past few years, and many believe it is only a matter of time before it overtakes desktop as the go-to platform for gamers.  Mobile betting is more practical and convenient for the player as it allows them to bet wherever and whenever they want. It has changed player online behaviour, increasing the conversion speed and players’ betting habits.Acquisition of new players is getting more expensive for gaming operators and the importance of player retention drives new investments into various player management solutions. Through several incentive programmes, better products, improved customer service and marketing communication we can build strong and long-term customer loyalty.Mobile gaming introduces new, more extensive ways of building improved relationships with players. A mobile phone is not just a new game device – it opens new communication channels via mobile apps, device notifications, messaging and social apps on top of traditional SMS and email. It is increasingly difficult to manage all these channels and to ensure personalised, consistent and trackable messaging across all of them.

Customisation of the player package is one feature that operators and vendors should focus on. By offering intuitive betting, real-time excitement and tailormade solutions, a brand-new gaming experience can be created for the modern player. Customised bonuses, personalised content offers and loyalty awards work to upgrade multi-channel operations, drive revenue and promote unique online gaming. The gaming experience must be configured in a way to optimise player activity because they respond best to choice and variety.

The gaming industry benefits enormously from market-leading platforms as they are specifically built to maximise both player and operator interests. Not all platforms are created the same and this can have a significant effect on bonus campaigns and the operator’s ability to optimise player experience from a single back office. The method behind creating a successful player engagement campaign should be based on measurable player data and predictive modelling as seen on Comtrade Gaming’s iCore Enterprise Gaming Platform. Providing a single view of all player activity across every channel (online, mobile, social and retail) adds value and enables personalisation through centralised management across multiple game suppliers and products.


• Unified 360° customer view to show all player activity in one central profile

• Dynamic customer segmentation on their activities for personalised offers

• Centralised marketing automation with rules-driven bonusing and loyalty

• Award customers in real-time while they are engaged in playing a game

• Cross-selling between different products and channels

Since the mobile experience drives positive player relationships, statistics are reinforcing the correlation between application design and a consumer’s loyal relationship with the operator. More than half of mobile users said that a negative mobile-channel experience discourages them from using the company’s other products. These statistics show that brand loyalty and high player lifetime value begin with the simplest business practices. If operators take this statistic into account when creating marketing campaigns, their bottom line can be significantly impacted.

Mobile gaming has a lot of space for creativity, but at the same time, it is limited by legislation controlling responsible gaming and GDPR. This is one of the biggest challenges operators and vendors face. Another is assuring transparency, which is always a good policy to strive for. This can only be reached with the best underlying platform technology that collects and displays all information accurately.