Comtrade Slovenia Wins ‘Important Employer’

Ljubljana, Slovenia – As part of Comtrade Slovenia, Comtrade Gaming, a leading technology supplier to the gaming industry, was selected as the winner in the category: important employer. The award was presented to Comtrade during the FDI Award Slovenia 2021 ceremony.

The awards have been given by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the SPIRIT Slovenia Public Agency since 2006, which is entrusted with the tasks serving to increase foreign direct investment.

In the acceptance interview, Aleš Gornjec, CEO of Comtrade Gaming, shares the reason for their success: “In the Gaming industry, we mostly work on larger projects where being part of a team is very important. This makes us good and even better than our competitors. What is more, Comtrade Gaming being such a significant employer in the region ensures we attract the brightest and best talent and also helps retain all our existing people.”

To watch the whole interview with Aleš Gornjec click here.