Comtrade Gaming to Modernise Casino Management Systems

Comtrade Gaming, an independent technology expert and supplier of systems management solutions to gaming operators, regulators and vendors, has announced today the launch of its new product – sCore Connect.

sCore Connect enables operator’s and vendor’s Casino Management Systems to communicate directly with electronic gaming machines using Gaming Standards Association’s Game To System (G2S) protocol. In addition, it also enables host systems to be extended with new G2S functionalities, such as efficient remote management of gaming machines and media display technology.

Ales Gornjec, General Manager of Comtrade Gaming explains: “We developed this product to help the industry modernize its operations. Over the past years, we’ve helped many gaming machine vendors implement GSA standards, and now we have developed a solution for host systems. When sCore Connect is integrated with the Casino Management System, it opens a direct communication channel to gaming machines and enables innovation of further applications on the host side.”


More info:

Oliver Lynch
Director of Systems
Comtrade Gaming
M: +353 86 383 4557

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