Amatic goes live in Austria with Comtrade technology

Comtrade Gaming, a leading provider of standards based solutions to the gaming industry, has today announced that their sCore G2S protocol stack was successfully integrated into Amatic Industries gaming machines that are now running in Austria, where every machine has to be directly connected to their Federal Computing Centre.

Amatic is the second manufacturer that went live with their machines in Austria after the government launched central control system in July 2013. With integration of Comtrade Gaming’s sCore technology Amatic machines have met the requirements of the Austrian legislation and can communicate with federal system via Gaming Standards Association’s G2S protocol. Since more and more regulators are adopting the same standards based approach for monitoring gaming machines this step enables Amatic to expand their presence in all such markets.

According to the management at Amatic: “Comtrade Gaming, with their expertise in the field of gaming systems management, helped us to connect our machines to the Federal Computing Centre. Furthermore, with this solution we will be able to bring our products to new markets. This definitely is one of the best investments into the future”.

Director of Systems, Oliver Lynch, explained: “Comtrade Gaming is helping gaming machine manufacturers adopt new GSA protocols for years and Amatic was one of our first clients. We are very happy that the launch of their machines in Austria was successful. Such deployments of G2S standard are proof that gaming industry is modernising and we will continue with our product investments to help other regulators and vendors to upgrade their environments.”


More info:
Oliver Lynch
Director of Systems
Comtrade Gaming
M: +353 86 383 4557

//ABOUT AMATIC INDUSTRIES/ The Austrian company AMATIC Industries is an integrated supplier of advanced gaming technology. Incorporated in 1993, AMATIC has been operating successfully in the international casino and gambling market for more than 20 years. The company is specialized in development of games and software, the production of cabinets, electronic multiplayer systems and server based video lottery terminals. AMATIC`s product portfolio also includes casino management systems and complete online gaming solutions.