Sweet Treasures

A blurred bacgkround of a snow-coloured candy land.
A loaded cupcake with a cherry on the side.
Word art spelling Sweet Treasures.
Very High
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Game Info

Game Attribute Description
Game name Sweet Treasures
Type Slot
Layout 5 x 6 Reels
Game theme Candy, Cartoony, Fruits
Features Cascading Wins, Bonus Buy, Freespin Multiplier, RTP Range, Random Multiplier, Double Chance to Win
Theoretical RTP 96.17%, RTP Changes%
Volatility Very High
Hit frequency 28.89%

Introduction to the Game

Step into the enchanting world of 'Sweet Treasures,' a captivating tumbling slot game set in a land of candy wonders. Here, colorful reels brim with sweet treats, from luscious lollipops to gummy bears, cascading to form delightful combinations. Each spin is an adventure through this sugary paradise, offering a whimsical journey filled with chocolaty delights and charming characters. 'Sweet Treasures' invites players to a delightful escapade where confectionery dreams and sugary winnings blend in a vibrant, candy-coated universe.

Game Preview

Sweet Treasures artwork showing a cupcake with a logo. In the background is a candy-like land.

Game Screenshots