Veselin Jevrosimovic

Veselin Jevrosimovic

“I keep an eye on the latest innovation Comtrade Gaming is working on, as they routinely implement convergence, immersion and other breakthroughs, on daily basis. They are the boot camp for Comtrade technology.”

Owner and Chairman of the Board of Comtrade Group, founded in Serbia more than 25 years ago, Veselin Jevrosimovic now presides over a globally relevant cluster of IT companies, with several thousand employees, most of them software engineers.

He has steadily grown a one-time IT services provider into a world-leading source of data backup & recovery tools, custom-made digital transformation solutions and a data processing powerhouse, which serves clients such as Citrix, Ryanair, Viber and CERN.

Under his leadership, Comtrade – the most successful IT company in Southeast Europe – continues to grow and now has offices in the East and West Coast of the USA, the Philippines, in Dubai, as well as across West and Central Europe. In his early career, Mr. Jevrosimovic was a partner in CHS Electronics, a leading international distributor of computer hardware and software, active in 50+ countries worldwide at the time.

With Comtrade a member of the World Economic Forum as a Global Growth Company, Mr. Jevrosimovic participates in WEF meetings worldwide and continues to link East and West, sharing knowledge. Mr. Jevrosimovic is also known as a philanthropist, especially for his open education initiatives. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Management from the University of Florida and an IT Engineering degree from Information Technology School in Belgrade.

Once a member of the national track & field team, he now chairs the Athletics Association of Serbia. During his mandate, several track and field facilities have been renovated across the country and a state-of-the-art indoor track venue was built in the capital, Belgrade.