The G2S protocol is a standardized solution that provides a consistent and reliable way to integrate different systems.

G2S gaming protocol benefits:

  • Effective upgrade of software (game machine or peripheral)
  • Software verification
  • Player experience improvement (better performance of third parties marketing modules that interact with machines, better player machine interaction
  • Remote and central configuration of gaming machines
  • Simplified player tracking (all activities are supported directly on G2S)
  • Advanced monitoring functionality (employee authorization).

G2S protocol stacks

The G2S protocol stacks are a part of sCore G2S Solution that enables quick and efficient implementation of GSA’s G2S protocol to both Slot Machine platforms and G2S host systems.

Their main characteristics are the cross-platform naturelow resource consumption, and the ability for gaming architects to develop customized functions in communication between various gaming-related systems and simple development of new functions for players.

Gaming machine G2S protocol stack                             Host side G2S protocol stack

G2S Slot Machine Protocol Stack

G2S slot machine protocol stack is implemented in C++. It employs
layered architecture and can be integrated with any EGM platform:

g2s protocol

G2S protocol stacks

Layered architecture with the platform abstraction makes plugging EGM platform-specific persistency and other services an easy task. All platform-specific code is moved out into two adapters that must be implemented to integrate our G2S protocol into specific EGM platforms. The language adaptation layer allows the EGM Platform Adapter to be implemented in a language other than C++.

G2S protocol implementation incorporates well established open-source libraries for managing SOAP/HTTP communication (gSOAP), security (OpenSSL), compression (ZLib), and threading/memory management (Boost). The platform abstraction layer enables G2S protocol implementation to be ported to various target operation systems with as little effort possible.

Currently supported are Win64, Win32, and GNU/Linux OS.

Comtrade’s G2S C++ slot machine protocol implementation takes care of
several aspects of G2S protocol requirements including:

  • Multiple host support
  • Event storage and queue
  • Meter storage
  • Transaction log storage

The G2S stack has integrated a partial or full business logic that takes care of:

  • Communications handling
  • Event handling
  • Meter handling
  • Transaction handling

G2S Host Protocol Stack

Comtrade gaming provides G2S Host stack implemented in Java:

The Host protocol stack is designed with different deployment scenarios in mind:

  • A deployment to a high-end host system based on server farms with high availability and load balancers capable of handling several 1000 EGMs, and
  • a low-end embedded system deployable to simple low-cost PCs intended for handling small venues.

The G2S Host Protocol Stack is used by Comtrade Gaming sCore Connect solution.

GSA Compliance

We are very excited to see Comtrade Gaming join GSA as they are well positioned to drive the rapid adoption of the GSA standards. They provide the gaming industry software solutions that enable the implementation of our standards. Any vendor can now rapidly design products with the core GSA communication protocol already in place.

Peter DeRaedt, President GSA Member of GSA