G2S and S2S XI simulator

The XI simulator is a G2S and S2S testing tool, used for manual or automated testing of G2S and S2S standards implementation and integration. The XI simulator can be used as G2S host (latest version supported is G2S 2.1) and has limited functionality as G2S client. For testing of S2S it can be used as a S2S server or client (the latest version supported is S2S 1.6).

  • XI simulator displays traffic and content of messages.
  • It allows storing of sent messages in the repository and their reuse.
  • It has a capability to send invalid messages on application and transport level.
  • Ideal for viewing log files.

s2s to g2s host stimulator

G2S slot machine simulator

G2S Simulator supports large subset of G2S classes.

Latest G2S version supported is 2.1.


G2S EGM Simulator GUI

G2S slot machine simulator features

  • Player actions: gameplay, money in, money out
  • Attendant actions: door openings, meters display, service menu, locking, handpays, , NVRAM clear
  • EGM faults
  • EGM devices: Coin acceptors, Note acceptors, Hoppers, Note dispensers, Printers, IdReaders
  • Casino functionalities: vouchers, WAT, bonusing, progressive, player tracking, tournaments

The EGM simulator also supports host actions, such as remote EGM control, game download, options configuration and central determination.