Offer your players a Live Roulette experience that’s as real as it gets.


  • Make the game your own: use your casino brand and staff
  • Gather in-venue and online players at the same table
  • Live stream to online players directly from your casino’s VIP studio
  • Deliver the game on our gCore, The Game Server or integrate it with your own system

Live Roulette simplifies the croupiers’ job. The system runs automatically so your staff can easily operate the online game while serving land based players. The environment, croupier and branding  can be fully customized.

Special features:

In addition to standard features, such as a user friendly graphic interface, chat box, history, 2D or 3D gaming environments, the following special features are also included:

  • Real-time marketing communications (scroll or pop-up window)
  • Customisation according to the operator’s policies and jurisdictional requirements
  • A self-exclusion button

Land based and online players at the same table – the benefits

  • Two cameras in the land based casino deliver a live stream to online players
  • Only one dealer is required to run the table
  • Online players can interact with the dealer using a chat box function

Our live casino offering



For more information, read our Live Casino Software Solution data sheet.