Comtrade Gaming sCore, The Gaming Systems Management technology is driving major change and innovation in the Land-based gaming market.

Comtrade Gaming sCore platforms operate by connecting terminals from all leading slot machine suppliers to a central server, from where terminals can be monitored and configured in real time.

By choosing server based gaming system operator can:

  • Adapt to new government regulations that strive to control and regulate gaming more effectively.
  • Reduce costs by running remote diagnostics to reduce downtime and costs.
  • Establish a high-level of security through the ability to track all transactions and reduce fraud.
  • Automatically download the content to reduce the costs of upgrading content on machines.
  • Increase income by:
    • Delivering new content to players.
    • Improving player experiences.
    • Increasing player loyalty through landbased casino player tracking and loyalty systems.
    • Efficient management of games based on real time analytics.

Comtrade Gaming modular system platform enables implementation of the following software solutions:

Comtrade Gaming’s sCore G2S Protocol engine is certified by Gaming Labs International (GLI).


gaming labs certificate