Comtrade Gaming’s Content Distribution is an open flexible approach that significantly increases market reach and time to market for gaming content providers.

Content distribution is a combination of a dedicated managed games server (based on Comtrade Gaming leading gCore Game Server Technology) and additional services.

Additional services cover:

  • game porting and game development assistance
  • integration of other gaming platforms and operator environments

By using such a service, game providers can focus on the game content and quality, while we will take care of necessary licenses, hosting, integrations, and so on.

Comtrade Gaming’s Content Distribution delivers the following key business benefits to gaming content providers:

Access to new markets

  • Existing games can be provided to new customers or to new channels
  • New games can be developed only once and are immediately available to all customers
  • Taking care of licensing and certifications

Accelerated development and game porting

    • Simplified game development and game porting by using proven frameworks for game types
    • Simplified mobile games development through HTML5 frameworkHTML5 Casino Games Logo