The Reporting Module in iGaming Platforms


The reporting module on gaming platforms taks a backseat in comparison to the editorial coverage on bonusing capabilites, sportsbook features and customisation options that online operators utilise to differentiate themselves. While the focus is normally on the importance of big data, reporting technology is what deserves the attention as a unique selling point when choosing a platform provider.

Business reporting frameworks not only support campaigns and busines health, but provide specific information to shape every activity to enhance an operator’s competitive advantage. Operators in search for an all-inclusive platform should redirect their attention to top-tier data collection capabilities and the reporting module as only this can optimise channels and strategies to arrive at competitive practices.

High-Level Management

Extensive business summaries and adjustable reports are used by high-level management to review and assess business activity and are meant to identify strengths, areas in need of improvement and provide guidelines to meet destinations along the business road map. Communicating accurate and relevant information in a timely manner is what differentiates leading operators from lesser-known competitors. When evaluating content reports, game statistics can be customised based on dozens of variables, ranging from game metrics to suppliers, product type, game titles and channels.  Quality management information is the non-negotiable foundation that managers demand to make impactful business decisions. With the fast data responses found on top-tier platforms, operators never need to doubt data transparency or feel threatened by implementing new features and strategies.

Bonusing and marketing dashboards emphasise the unexpected ways in which business channels can suddenly emerge to reinforce more competitive positions within the industry. Reporting modules unite technology and management strategy and enable operators to optimise data-supported business operations. These types of comprehensive breakdowns can be easily adjusted along channels, marketing sources, bonus types and other report specifications to create thorough reports results shaped along a particular variable.

While some internal dashboards monitor specific casino aspects, business health reports and casino summaries prove implementing the the correct strategies are based on the quality of data gathered.

Operational Reviews

Financials play an equally important role in the data monitoring and collection aspect of the operation. A report conducted by PwC uncovers that finance teams are pressuring the c-suite to invest in data warehouses as a way to monitor business performance to support profitable operational decisions.

Profit and Loss reports are mandatory records that manage how activity leads to revenue.  Developing an efficient data infrastructure is no longer the result of cross-referencing reports, weeks of analysis and days of data collection. With a business intelligence back office, all of the data can be sourced from a warehouse, situated on a single dashboard and converted into a report. Financial insight additionally contributes a unique perspective into a different part of the player experience: the financial journey. Payment statistics, cash in/cash out reports and country monitoring provide direct monetary insight into customer behaviour and identifying opportunities to introduce bonusing campaigns or marketing initiatives along financially-critical player interaction points.

Business reports are directly connected to the operational side of the online channel contain a functionality that differentiates views based on casino, poker and sportsbook departments. In the case of Comtrade Gaming’s iCore, product segments can be further branched on player, game, VIP levels, brand and marketing source among other factors. By adjusting reports based on multiple-variables, the management staff can not only follow, but understand the player journey to improve user drop-off points and verify that certain strategies fit within the business model.

Data Visualisation

While managing large data sets was once complicated, platforms now contain data visualisation program to better comprehend data and statistics that are under review. To improve insight, some of the leading platforms, particularly iCore, respond to this challenge with a visual analytics solution that is integrated within the reporting module.

Graphical representations of data sets consolidate information to provide new perspectives to understand relationships between business variables. Multiple views of business activity also enable operators and managers to »interact« with the data, shaping it and adjusting the views to better understand their business. Displaying data in a purposeful way guides analysts and managers to streamline decisions in optimising business performance. Integrated data visualisation software stimulates decision-making processes to implement new programs that optimise the online operation.

Interconnected platform features contribute minimally without a technologically advanced foundation. In the case of bonusing options, system adjustments and marketing campaigns, operators need to assess the strength of their reporting module as a stand-alone product and how the data collected will aid in improving their market position using the aforementioned strategies.

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Aleš Gornjec Bio:

Aleš Gornjec founded the Comtrade Group’s gaming division and serves as Comtrade Gaming’s General Manager. Comtrade Gaming is an independent software supplier to the gaming industry that delivers open gaming platforms, casino management systems and professional services to both online and land-based sectors.