Online Casino and Sportsbook CRM 


Online Casino and Sportsbook CRM

Online casino and sportsbook CRM modules are a single entry-point for the online operator to optimise multi-channel bonusing, engage players and manage the entire business across multiple channels and products. Between real-time rewards that run across any product or supplier and the automated segmentation to customise acquisition and retention campaigns, player conversion workflows are meant to be perfected through platform features.

Online operators looking to manage and their online casino and sportsbook CRM across multiple products and channels need to dynamically target players to monetise and prolong the player journey. Customised along operator preferences to integrate all products additions and service providers, CRM features (particulary on Comtrade Gaming’s iCore) manage all multi-channel activity to enhance an operator’s market position.

Since online casino platforms are specifically designed to respond to segmented player profiles with the appropriate marketing campaigns and provide reporting features to activate player acquisition and retention, an equally competent player management system should be the focus of differentiating online operators


Player-centric platforms differentiate themselves from their competition by sleekly recording all forms of player activity, segmenting diverse user preferences and intelligently responding to individual player profiles. As a result, features such as content curation, bonus targeting and predictive customer service improve platform sophistication and upgrade operator business. By understanding user activity, platforms, now more than ever, perceptively engage with players to to sharpen industry practices and optimise the digital gaming experience.

  • Retrieve all player information from converged, multi-channel/product data to determine player value
  • Player profile lists collect and store all data and actions concerning life-cycle management, profile overview and activity
  • Site and game sessions, management provide data to adjust content recommendations to player segments
  • Bonusing and loyalty tracking monitor bonus preferences, summaries and statistics on all player accounts


Segmentation begins by understanding your player database and utilising data management to enhance the value of your games and products. Whether identifying under-served player segments or optimising acquisition, curating an offer completely unique to your business and user demographic is a result of what data you collect in player profiles.

  • Automatically segements players to develop appropriate game offering, bonusing and engagement strategies
  • Build segments by leveraging 100+ player conditions and simple user interface
  • Segments are differentiated for products and channels to increase cross-sell conversions
  • Set specific game combinations to increase player investments and supplement future promotions