Mobile Casino Platform: Acquisition and Retention


Mobile Casino Platform: Acquisition and Retention

According to, the mobile gaming market was valued at $99.0 billion in 2016 and is forecast to grow at a modest CAGR of 6.4% between 2017 and 2024, culminating at a global revenue of $162.8 billion by 2024. What this shows is that there is incredible value in positioning the mobile channel as an R&D priority and financial benefits for a strong mobile strategy. Plainly put, the channel’s success is based on retention and highlights that investing a greater amount of resources in pre-existing relationships is a funnel that drives revenue. When operators choose to emphasise retention metrics it moves the focus to a future-oriented view of their business, versus short-term, unsustainable gains. The strategy put in place is largly dependent on the KPI’s that are monitored, but overall it proves to be a lesson in marketing tactics and campaign management.

Data is what you need to do analytics, information is what you need to do business

Operators no longer need to be convinced of the benefits of player data, but rather the ways in which it is leveraged that to gain a competitive edge. Customer satisfaction can be visualized through individual player journeys and highlights customer-centric preferences, channel-wide insights and new product/service innovation. Operators that can properly interpret player activity understand what factors make them interact with their content can create channel modifications that reduce churn, increase revenue per customer and finally influence their lifetime value. 

Instead of measuring individual KPI’s, operators should measure player-specific targets to see what aspect of their mobile gaming channel deserves attention or adjustments. Observing, documenting and assessing player value is the leading statistic in terms of retention rates and their influence on business vigor.

Business has only two functions: marketing and innovation

More than 8.5 million pages on Google are devoted to online gaming promotions, which means that there is both strategy and opportunity when focusing on this aspect of the mobile casino platform. Whenever a player gains something, even if occasionally, they return.

Bonusing in its current context can provide considerable advantages to players, especially as platform technology enables adjusted offers for specific player profiles and player journeys to optimise the online gaming experience. The advantage of loyalty programs are the immediate configuration possibilities to encourage a player to continue their journey. Not all platforms are created equally and this can create a significant effect on bonus campaigns and the operator’s ability to optimise their business. Bonusing modules within online platforms serve as a single point for incentive management across multiple brands, suppliers and products and work as the control center for retention strategies.  Customising promotional offers is done most successfully on mobile casino platform by combining leading technology and management strategy and capable of handling business intelligence, customer relationship management and multi-channel products.

Reputable gaming platforms create a streamlined bonus module that provides the functionality to create highly tailored campaigns that can be tested on player samples before implemented to their target group. The method behind creating a lucrative bonus campaign should be based on measurable player data and predictive modelling as seen on Comtrade Gaming’s Bonus Module on their iCore – Enterprise Gaming. Loyalty programs and incentives provide the speed and attention to detail high retention rates.

Beyond product design is product experience

When technology is the foundation of an industry, there is more or less an incessant push for innovation. With the competition to be considered the market leader in mobile gaming, operators predict and influence the ways in which the channel will develop. Investing in innovation has to be delicately managed when occurs for both retention and acquisition directions so that there is no  variances when developing a cohesive channel.

An article in Harvard Business Review states that, »serious customer lifetime value metrics should measure how effectively innovation investment increases customer health and wealth.  That’s as true for Amazon, Alibaba, and Apple as for Facebook, Google, and Netflix. No one would dare argue that these innovators don’t understand, appreciate, or practice a lifetime value sensibility.« By utilising player data, marketing campaigns and championing innovation, mobile casino platform reaches the pinnacle of its capabilities