EGM Management Systems Power Land-Based Gaming


EGM Management Systems Power Land-Based Gaming

One of the most prominent characteristics of the modern casino are simplified processes for operators and features that immerse players in gameplay. EGM management systems are used to the advantage of both players and casino management, utilising advanced technology to drive land-based business forward. Time consuming floor management can now be restructured with streamlined and capable EGM management systems that curates gaming content, centralises venue management and produces in-depth reports to help optimise internal processes. Compared to traditional gaming operations, technology-supported gaming offers to tailor casinos based on advanced venue analytics.

EGM management systems are the gaming industry’s solution to optimising and enhancing land-based gaming operations. The system addition includes monitoring software to provide a centralised overview and configuration properties within a venue. In its most comprehensive format, the system can control and administer EGM/VLT machine functions, monitor gaming activity and streamline control processes regardless of venue location and system intricacy. With additional capabilities dependent on individual brands, Comtrade Gaming’s option supports any communication protocol (G2S, QCOM, SAS, etc..) contingent on desired product functionalities and meter configurations. Its support of multi-protocol environments offers unrivaled flexibility to handle complex multi-vendor gaming operations.

Extensive business summaries and adjustable reports are meant to be used to the benefit of high-level management to review and assess business activity including: identifying strengths, managing areas in need of improvement and providing guidelines to meet milestones along an operator’s business road map. When evaluating content reports, game statistics can be customised based on a variety of variables, ranging from game metrics to suppliers, product type, game titles and channels. Reporting modules unite technology and management strategy and enable operators to optimise data-supported business decisions. With an integrated EGM system, venue information is the non-negotiable management tool that operators need to implement an impactful business strategy.

Central Monitoring System - Casino Software

One system addition simultaneously hits three business points to enhance an operator’s competitive advantage: business intelligence, secure gaming operation and remote management.

  • Business Collection
    • Real-time monitoring and data collection provides key information about the gaming operation and supports multiple forms reports
    • A reporting mechanism that enables drill-down analysis including terminal performance and busines intelligence
    • Ad-hoc reports are customised and adjusted based on multiple-variables to understand the player journey to optimise venue strategies
  • Secure Gaming Operation
    • Extensive verification modules ensure software compliance and includes configuration and software verification data and managing vertification vectors
    • Applications embedded into the central system enable comprehensive evaluation, inspection and validation of collected data
  • Remote Management
    • Software downloads distribute software packages and system components to EGMs
    • Include system engineering with remote diagnostics and maintenance to reduce downtime