Casino Platform Modules and Multi-Platform Gaming


  1. Tell us about your platform’s built-in integrations (native/third party content, casino/sports, etc)?

Comtrade Gaming’s iCore – The Enterprise Gaming Platform includes 37 casino platform modules and integrations including payment, game suppliers, service providers and CRM extensions. Our gCore game server is integrated into the platform as a way to combine our complementary products and meet the standards to which the online gaming industry is developing.

Our integration process ensures against system and operational complications and seamless inclusion into existing systems. Centralised modules such as bonusing, loyalty and business intelligence provide a one-stop solution to all operational, financial and marketing bonuses. With a consolidated view, operators can view, manage and analyse all processes. Their centrality determines the productivity and capabilities of what the operator can do, especially in terms of how they develop their online channel.

Due to its software features, iCore is a product that optimises every aspect of the multi-channel and online operation results and processes and at situated at the cutting edge of gaming technology.

  1. Is the traditional domination of the market by a handful of major platform providers being challenged? If so, how?

More companies are now targeting different stages of an operator’s business development. While all online operators want to reach a stage of competitive maturity, they can only do so by integrating a platform that fits their specific needs, priorities and business road map. Once online operators see the necessity in investing in high-tech solutions, they immediately see that the quality of their business matches their platform capabilities and casino platform modules.

Leading online casino platforms should be three things: highly customisable, master multi-channel offering and contain a business intelligence back office that combines technology with management strategy. If a superior operator wants to perfect their business strategy and optimise player acquisition/retention, then turning to platforms such as Comtrade Gaming’s iCore is worth the investment.

  1. Many operators are now seeking to deploy multiple platforms to widen their B2C offer – how is this changing the sector?

While it is enhancing casino platform module specialisation, the multi-platform idea complicates an online operator’s channel operations. A single platform should be a centralised solution for all marketing campaigns and business and financial insight. Deploying multiple platforms certainly brings several difficulties including testing the effectivness of cross-platform features, reducing feature capabilities to meet the technology limits across all products and an increase in security risks across multi-platform execution environments. The best strategy is a single platform that can be customised to fit client priorities and legislative demands.

  1. Are operators becoming more demanding of their platform providers – and has this seen you offering better scope/functionality?

Demands arise because technology improves and market changes demand particular features. Technology providers are in a unique position where they have to anticipate industry responses on both player and business fronts and frame product developments along these points. Operators demand a particular level of functionality with their platforms and their requirements provide a scope to which we refine our capabilities. This was the motivation behind introducing cognitive technology on our iCore gaming platform.

The industry is witnessing the first steps in cognitive technology in the form of automated processes and machine learning. Big data effectively brought these two things technologies to the top of the priority list due to the complexity that comes with high levels of player information. As innovation emerges, advanced systems and platforms will supplement industry knowledge to improve player analysis. Features such as content curation, bonus targeting and predictive customer service improve platform sophistication and understanding player decisions. As a result, our iCore gaming platform and its casino platform modules target players to optimise the digital gaming experience and intelligently responds to player profiles.

  1. Given the wide range in player demands (different territories, seasonal adjustments, etc), how important is flexibility in a platform offering?

Customisation in platform infrastructure is the foundation to creating a flexible player offer. A valuable platform should not only provide operators with data to make the right decisions for their players’ needs, but the features to do so. Modifying content and offers along the player landscape is necessary for engagement, especially for events that are predictable and repeat themselves. Adapting offers for the consumer base is one of the few ways operators can reinforce their market placement and a long-term investment into player acquisition and retention.

  1. Presuming operators are seeking to broaden their platform base, how much collaboration does there need to be (between platform providers) and is it working?

What operators and technology providers need to focus on is the multi-channel strategy and a centralised, 360-view of each player. Platforms are an integration hub for various services (payments, risk and fraud, affiliates, IP and geolocation, marketing, business intelligence, etc…) whose casino platform modules have to collaborate well in order to create efficient operations. The iCore platform combines all of these with one backoffice tool that improves business efficiency.

The trademark of platforms is that they should provide a seamless journey, not only from the content side of business, but also from service modules (bonusing, operational, financial, etc…).  Macro business views are considerably more difficult with multiple system perspectives. The logistics behind integrating multiple platforms base is the greatest barrier to its effectiveness.