Asian iGaming Software


Asian iGaming Software: When A Player Journey Becomes Business Strategy

Crowded gaming markets are defined by operators who build and differentiate their business strategy around technology. The online platform is the igaming backbone and operators through this can methodically optimise the player journey to shape their business strategy.

The only way to enhance retention metrics is through a platform that responds to business analytics to create a customised marketing experience for player acquisition and retention. A player’s lifetime value is now directly related to the data and customisation capabilities that an operator’s platform can manage. The multi-channel player is the most valuable demographic in the gaming industry and this statistic proves that to stay competitive, operators in Asian markets will give priority to technology that effectively manages multi-channel customer relationships and data analysis.

Business Data: You Can’t Monetise What You Don’t Measure

Since platform technology works to ultimately serve the operator, a high degree of data collection and analysis is geared to improve the player experience as a way to drive business goals. The importance of data is that it helps focus attention on individual activities and their relationship to one another. To remain competitive, operators must monitor activity, make sense of the information and implement  appropriate responses to meet player demands and keep their interest.

Asian igaming software recognises and sleekly record activity, compartmentalise diverse user preferences and respond intelligently to their individual preferences. The practicality of storing and tracking player data is what defines its value. The benefit of monitoring player activity is that the central data warehouse is a single data point for both real-time and older data. Reports and dashboards ensure that operators focus on analysis and not data collection.

Information collection can be customised to an extent to include several levels of reporting, from management level to business activity in one minute intervals and ad-hoc reports. Real-time data can include player status and deposit information and this can then be aggregated to provide an overview of financial activity (deposits, wagers, netloss, etc..), all of which are native to Comtrade Gaming’s iCore platform. Unified views provide access to general conditions, tailored reports develop opportunities and business performance dashboards monitor retention metrics.

Data that is collected through Asian igaming software serves as the foundation for business operations for market leaders. If operators invest in a higher degree of platform functionality, data can be structured to decoding player patterns to create refined revenue streams. It is through this quantifiable inventory that operators then work to improve retention.

Player Marketing: Keeping Competitors Close, But Players Closer

For an operator to remain in a position of competitive advantage, there are certain marketing processes that are technical prerequisites for the  most sought-after platforms.

Player segmentation creates engagement strategies for personalised promotions, bonuses and loyalty campaigns with the intent to increase player time on site. By acting on stored player activity, operators can now plan, launch and monitor individual promotions that are aligned with various player segments. Organised customer profile sets create richer experiences and drive personalised relationships to improve the entire range of key retention metrics (ex. churn rates, time on site, brand loyalty/behaviour, life time-value).

One of the few things proven to hold true with gaming marketing is that targeted bonusing is correlated to higher revenue. With powerful segmentation, operators in key Asian markets can provide players with an enhanced online experience that attracts and rewards players according to their unique activity with game recommendation engines, engagement add-ons and instant promotions. Customised bonuses, personalised game offering and loyalty awards work to upgrade multi-channel operations, drive revenue and promote a unique online casino experience. High-caliber platforms such as Comtrade Gaming’s iCore do not only focus on acquisition or retention, but manage the entire lifecycle to  guide and define player lifetime value. For example, with iCore platform conditions operators are able to define separate bonuses for acquisition or retention through player data that is collected from iCore’s segmentation properties.

Actively steering a player’s life cycle is to purposefully map and manage revenue, whereas cross-selling products and channels work to capitalise on specific vendor strengths to guide player migration. Players benefit enormously from market-leading platforms as they are specifically built to to maximise their individual interests.

Essentially, the only thing that separates leading operators from the market competition is the ability of their platform to respond to player data without only concentrating on the operator. The goal is to engage players through technical additions and client business objectives. With distinct data analysis and attractive player marketing, Asian igaming software allow retention and acquisition grow at the same rate.