iCore Engage bonus system is designed to empower operators with leading-edge player engagement features, while preserving the operator’s investments into the eWallet and system infrastructure.

Operators are now able to attract and reward players with advanced, centrally managed bonus and loyalty awards which increase the attractiveness of their offering and allowing for transparent, omni-channel, and multi-product playing experience and player migration.

iCore Engage delivers the following key business benefits:

  • Effective steering of a player’s lifecycle by responding to the player’s gambling activity in real-time and delivering promotions while players are still engaged in game play. This also ensures increased average player spending.
  • Cross-selling between products and channels regardless of the content supplier by attracting and rewarding the player’s migration. This allows for better optimization of returns from marketing investments.
  • High personalization and optimization of web and mobile portals with central product configuration and content management. This enables enriched customer experience.
  • Protection of an operator’s investments into existing eWallet solutions by non-intrusively integrating with the existing system, application infrastructure, and player-data.


To learn more, read a datasheet.

Bonus system: Player Bonusing, Loyalty and Promotions

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